Crane Side Table

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Elegant, eye-catching and ever so unique, our Crane Side Table is the perfect quirky table for anyone daring to be different. Brilliant and bold, this side table will be sure to swoop in and add an exotic touch to your abode.

Supported by the neck of the crane below, this bird table has an oval glass top allowing you to admire the magnificence of the bird below. Overtime, you’ll be sure to appreciate to masterful craftsmanship, whether it be in the textured feathers or the smaller attentions to details on the legs and feet. Being wrapped in a gorgeous golden finish, its glowing aura is an eye catching statement for both you and your guests.

The Crane Side Table is the ultimate display of sophistication - perfect for anyone looking for a dazzling central piece. Providing a place for drinks and decorative ornaments it injects heaps of personality and style into your abode. This table is particularly practical as its size makes it easily portable if required, it can be easily be styled bedside table or lamp table.

Cranes are just as tranquil as they are beautiful. If you’re looking to inject a sense of peace, love, and harmony with a luxurious style into your home, then look no further. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with the Crane Side Table just as much as us!

This products delivery time is approximately 3-4 weeks. VIP 2 Man Delivery.

This product has a height of 70cm, width of 35cm and a depth of 25cm. 

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