Gold Angel Wings Wall Decoration

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The perfect piece to inject a touch of magic and glamour to a lack lustre wall, these Gold Angel Wings Wall Decoration are a quirky wall accessory that will seamlessly transform your interior space. 

A daring alternative to traditional wall art, showcasing a glorious golden finish, this resin sculptural 3D wall art is a unique way to uplift the look of your existing décor adding wow factor to any wall.

If you are a lover of creating all out fabulous displays add the glitz and glamour of the Gold Angel Wings Wall Decoration soaring over your fireplace, bed or statement sofa. Alternatively as part of your gallery wall this gorgeous pair of display ornament are a welcome addition to the walls of your home.

This products delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Each wing has a height of 55cm, width of 22cm and a depth of 6cm. This item includes both wings. 

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