Gold Plant Pot

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A quirky stylish way to display your favourite greenery, the Gold Plant Pot suits almost any interior scheme creating a show stopping style spot in any corner of your abode.

Houseplants are a great way to improve air quality and deserve to be displayed with a healthy dose of drama. This wonderfully unique plant pot would make a lovely gift for friends, family or loved ones as it can be styled just about anywhere in the home. 

Create a calm tranquil vibe by displaying this planter on a table in your living rooms, hallways, office or bedroom. Versatile and unique, the Gold Plant Pot is equally perfect as a kitchen herb pot or as an unusual storage pot for makeup brushes, cutlery, pens and pencils.

This product will be back in stock in February. 

This product has a height of 18cm, width of 15.5cm and a depth of 15cm. 

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