Champagne Palm Spray (Set of 3)

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Filling the room with an exotic and glamorous atmosphere, the Champagne Palm Spray is an amazing alternative to the real deal ensuring that no maintenance is required.

Faux and fabulous, these three spray stems of artificial plant give your home a tropical touch. Clustered together in a vase, this artificial foliage looks glorious and effortlessly stylish. 

The Champagne Palm Spray will immediately bring structure, texture and a dazzling focal point to your interiors to elevate them to the next level. Style them on their own or pair them with other real or faux flowers to create your own luxurious display.

These sprays are sold as a set of three.

This products delivery time is approximately 3-7 days.

Each stem has a height of approximately 73cm. These sprays are sold as a set of three. 

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