Tall Glass Vase

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Introducing a gorgeous piece, the Tall Glass Vase will become an eye catching feature in your home. Showcasing a clear ribbed glass vase with a frosted base, this unique vase is ideal for displaying flowers, foliage and pampas grasses.

Carefully crafted, this glass vase offers a stylish, refined and quirky look to your floral displays. Whats more the Tall Glass Vase is a truly versatile and stylish display ornament that will refresh your home with exciting textures.

Adding a burst of visual interest into your existing décor, the Tall Glass Vase is perfect to style on your tables, consoles, shelving and countertops. Simply fill this flower vase with your chosen blooms for a truly unique and personal look.

This products delivery time is approximately 3-7 days.

This product has a height of 25cm and a diameter of 13cm. 

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