Black Pampas Grass Bunch

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Looking for a stylish alternative to flowers? Want to mystify and enchant your rooms in a subtle, natural way? Why not add a touch of noir to your abode today with the Black Pampas Grass Bunch.

Exhibiting a unique, natural, and textured look this dried pampas grass will be sure to allure your guests with their tall and sophisticated look. This dried flower decoration will contribute an exotic yet soft touch in your rooms complimenting your existing scheme.

As an excellent long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers, the Black Pampas Grass Bunch ensures minimal maintenance and no reoccurring costs.  A perfect addition for anyone wanting to add a dash of wild, mythical but also natural style to make the room pop! 

This products delivery time is approximately 3-7 days.

Each stem has a height of 80cm. The bunch size is approximately 15 stems.