Dancing Wall Sign

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Make a cheeky addition to your kitchen decor scheme with the Dancing Wall Sign, the cursive "Dancing in the Kitchen" script makes a fun statement which instantly livens up the room with a playful atmosphere. 

Showcasing glamorous gold lettering this wire wall decoration will mingle beautifully with any interior scheme. This unusual wall art is supplied with matching gold coloured wall screws & tubes so that the word can sit slightly away from the wall if desired, giving a shadow effect. A quirky wall sign that will add a show stopping look to your existing style, this sign brings a unique texture and a playful edge to any space.

Style the Dancing Wall Sign for all to see ensuring that your interiors stand out from the crowd, this metal sign is guaranteed to add so much fun and personality to your kitchen. 

This products delivery time is approximately 1-5 days.

The word 'dancing' has a height of 18cm and a width of 40cm. The word 'in' has a height of 5cm and a width of 11cm, The word 'the' has a height of 10cm and a width of 17cm, The word 'kitchen' has a height of 16cm and a width of 35cm.