Diamond Drink Glasses

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Serve, drink and entertain in style with these quirky Diamond Drink Glasses! Showcasing a diamond shaped bottom, your hosting duties can feel that little bit more special knowing that your guests will receive uniquely crafted drinking glass. 

These glass tumblers resemble the timeless cabinet classic but with a zesty modern twist. Donning a diamond-like bottom with their faceted design and golden rim, these drink glasses will grant you the taste of luxury in no time!

The Diamond Drink Glasses are perfect for multiple occasions, whether as water glasses, cocktail glasses or indeed any drink served on the rocks. The design of this highball glass will add an edge of quirkiness to your dining table or home bar, oozing style and versatility this glassware will soon become a party regular.

These glasses are sold individually.

These glasses will be back in stock mid November.

Each glass has a height of 15cm, width of 10cm and a depth of 10cm. These glasses are hand wash only.