Set of two golden side tables with asymmetric legs
Set of two golden side tables with asymmetric legs

Golden Side Tables (Set of 2)

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Make a statement amongst your chosen interiors with the unique eye catching shape of this glorious set of two Golden Side Tables. They will inject instant personality into any space whilst looking effortlessly stylish, a must have piece for every room.

Ultimately versatile and portable this pair of Golden Side Tables can be effortlessly moved around your living rooms, bedrooms and hallways whenever the mood suits.

The perfect combo of style meets function,  the set of two tables can be used as a functional coffee or side table to prop your cups of tea or coffee on whilst you are reading a book or glossy magazine. Alternatively, they are the perfect focal point piece for your style spot.

This product has a delivery time of approximately 3-4 weeks.

The large table has a height of 62cm and a diameter of 44cm. The small table has a height of 50cm and a diameter of 39cm.