Hand Candle Holder
Hand Candle Holder

Hand Candle Holder

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A fabulous addition to any scheme, the Hand Candle Holder Injects stylish individualism into any space. This candlestick holder is a gorgeous way to showcase your candles and light up your home with a glorious glow.

Instantly create an eye catching focal point in your home with this unique candle holder. Crafted from poly resin with a subtly distressed surface this quirky black candle holder is designed to hold a single candlestick, it's perfect for enchanting your abode with some fabulous mood lighting.

Display this Hand Candle Holder on your countertops, tables, windowsills, shelving or mantlepiece to add a pop of personality to your interiors. This unique candle holder would also make an excellent gift for anyone who loves stylish design, candlelight or unique adornments.

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This product has a height of 20cm, width of 7.5cm and a depth of 8.5cm.