Hands Dish Planter

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Eye-catching and on trend, this stylish Hands Dish Planter is an imposing and fun way to store and display your favourite houseplants, sweets, keys or little knick-knacks.

Effortlessly boost the atmosphere of your home with a healthy dose of drama when you choose to display your foliage or flowers in this quirky plant pot. 

Designed to add interest and texture to your space, this wonderfully unique home accessory would make a lovely gift for friends, family or loved ones as it can be styled just about anywhere in the home. The Hands Dish Planter suits almost any interior scheme imaginable, in your hallways, living rooms, bedrooms or dining space it adds a stylish pop whilst being a dream to style.

This products delivery time is approximately 3-7 days.

This product has a height of 10.5cm, width of 18cm and a length of 17cm. Due to the nature of this handmade decorative piece it is not entirely waterproof. If you wish this planter to hold water please line it with a waterproof container or suitable material. Once suitably lined we advise you to test its waterproofness on an insensitive surface for a few days before placing it in its intended location. The manufacturer assumes no liability for improper use.