Headdress Dog Wall Art
Headdress Dog Wall Art

Headdress Dog Wall Art

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Quirky, cute and utterly adorable the hand painted acrylic Headdress Dog Wall Art will effortlessly transform your interiors. Display this stretched canvas art work in pride of place for compelling viewing.

This eye-catching Headdress Dog Wall Art is a beautifully rendered portrait of a mesmerisingly stylish dog wearing a striking headdress which includes real feathers, it makes an impressive statement on the wall. With bold colour combinations this wall art picture is captivating making it a fabulous addition to your home.

Inject some personality and a pop of colour into your space with this fun dog art, whether you choose to hang him in your living rooms, hallways, dining space, office or bedrooms this canvas will instantly transform a lack lustre wall. 

This products delivery time is approximately 3-7 days.

This product has a width of 80cm and a height of 80cm.

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