Kiss Plant Pot
Kiss Plant Pot

Kiss Plant Pot

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How gorgeous and adorable is the Kiss Plant Pot? This quirky planter showcases beautifully detailed features and a subtle distressed gold surface to liven up your foliage displays.

Perfect for housing your favourite houseplants, real or faux, this face planter is a fusion of classical and contemporary design, ensuring a  unique and utterly charming plant pot.

Make a style statement in your home with the Kiss Plant Pot, with its golden finish and detailed design it suits almost any interior scheme imaginable. Styled in your hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, office or dining space it adds character and will never fail to make you smile. 

A fabulous gift idea for friends, family or loved ones this gold plant pot will refresh any space, creating a style spot and individuality in their decor scheme.

This products delivery time is approximately 3-7 days.

This product has a height of 25.5cm, width of 17.5cm and a depth of 17cm. Due to the nature of this handmade decorative piece it is not entirely waterproof. If you wish this planter to hold water please line it with a waterproof container or suitable material. Once suitably lined we advise you to test its waterproofness on an insensitive surface for a few days before placing it in its intended location. The manufacturer assumes no liability for improper use.