Pink Pampas Grass Bunch

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Exhibit a unique, natural, and lush look in your home with the beautiful Pink Pampas Grass Bunch. These dried grasses showcase both style, sophistication and a touch of tranquility. If you're looking for some eye catching flora, you can't go wrong with pampas grass decor.

Introducing a chic colour and texture to your interiors these stylish natural dried flower stems will add a welcome dose of drama to any display. With tall fluffy heads, these ornamental grasses in a coral pink shade will add height and interest to any style spot in your home.

The Pink Pampas Grass Bunch is a perfect addition to any space, it's fabulously versatile -  excellent for your hallways, conservatory, living rooms, bedrooms and dining space. Pampas grass are an excellent long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to fresh flowers that will bring a new and exotic feeling to your abode!

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This pack contains approximately 15 stems, each with a height of approximately 70cm.