Scottie Dog Candle Holder
Scottie Dog Candle Holder

Scottie Dog Candle Holder

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A charming and adorable candlestick holder that brings a touch of humour to any scheme, the Scottie Dog Candle Holder is eye catching for any corner of your home, transforming it into a warm and relaxed space. 

Carefully crafted with a gold metallic finish this dog candle holder showcases a cheeky Scottish Terrier that will dress up your interiors. This gold candle holder is designed to hold a single candlestick, it's perfect for enchanting your abode with some fabulous mood lighting.

Playful and fun, the Scottie Dog Candle Holder is a must-have for any dog lover and those who adore filling their home with exciting and unique details. Style this candle holder along your countertops, dining tables, windowsills, or mantlepiece to illuminate your interior scheme beautifully. 

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This product has a height of 10.7cm, width of 5.5cm and a length of 14.9cm.