Blue Jellyfish Wallpaper

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Gorgeous and striking, the Blue Jellyfish Wallpaper is a brilliant way to ensure wow factor in any space. An amazing underwater scene, in between the skeletal seahorses and sly seaweed you’ll see the spying eyes of sea urchins waiting until it’s safe to play, this stunning blue wallpaper will bring your interiors to life.

Hanging this beautiful wall covering ensures the room will feel like a magical place, visually fascinating this nature inspired wallpaper is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. This unique wallpaper will add instant depth, texture and personality to your home.

The fabulous Blue Jellyfish Wallpaper depicts an intriguing and mystical underwater world, it's the perfect way to provide a sense of style and relaxation in a space. The luminescent glow of the jellyfish creates a mysterious radiance against the inky blue backdrop. A closer look highlights the copper trumpets and horns, just be careful not to get lost at sea…

This products delivery time is approximately 6-8 weeks.

Each roll is 68.6cm wide x 10 metres long, with a pattern repeat every 137cm half drop. All wallpapers are non-refundable as we do not hold stock and they are batch printed.