Carrot Vase

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Add a sense of fun to your space with this quirky Carrot Vase, this flower vase will become an eye catching feature in your home. This decorative vase provides a glorious way to showcase your favourite flowers on your tables, sideboards, shelves, countertops or indeed any surface around the home adding colour and depth to your decor.

Instantly elevate the look of your interior space with the unique and striking ceramic vase. It's perfect for your chosen blooms or displaying as stand alone decorative accessory.

Whats more this Carrot Vase is a truly versatile and stylish vase that will refresh your home with exciting pop of colours and texture. This orange vase complements both neutral and dark schemes giving your decor wow-factor.

This product will be back in stock at the end of August.

This product has a height of 33cm, width of 12.5cm and a depth of 12.5cm.