Diamond Champagne Glasses (Set of 4)

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Celebrate in style with this set of four quirky Diamond Champagne Glasses. Heads are bound to turn and toasts will feel even more special once your guests see the diamond shaped bottoms of these glasses.

The design of this champagne flute is near identical to the 17th century classic but this unique piece wears a golden rim and multi-faceted bottom with confidence, giving that all expensive diamond look. 

These Diamond Champagne Glasses are perfect for anyone looking to celebrate the little and big things in life with a little more zest. Whether it be proms, weddings or family gatherings, these champagne glasses will make you appreciate those moments just a little more.

These stylish champagne glasses would also make an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys a tipple or likes to entertain at home in style!

These glasses are sold as a set of 4. 

This products delivery time is approximately 3-7 days.

Each glass has a height of 27.5cm, width of 7.5cm and a depth of 7.5cm. These glasses are hand wash only.