Glitter Candles (Set of 3)
Glitter Candles (Set of 3)

Glitter Candles (Set of 3)

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Ideal for giving your decor a burst of sparkle and colour, these fabulous Glitter Candles will look spectacular in your home.

These unique candles offer a striking look with their fun glitter and pink colour combination, they are ideal for special occasions and relaxing evenings in.

Whether you're popping these bright candles on a dining table or lighting them in the bathroom for a relaxing spa evening, these posh candles can complement any room and burn beautifully. These utterly eye-catching Glitter Candles are bursting with personality and quirky charm, complete with a gift box these luxury candles make a memorable gift for yourself, friends, family or loved ones.

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These candles are sold as a set of three. Each candle has a height of 21cm and a diameter of 2.1cm.