Gold Monkey Candle Holder

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A humorous candlestick holder that adds a cheeky touch to your decor scheme, the Gold Monkey Candle Holder is a playful and fun accessory that will enchant any corner of your home.

Carefully crafted, this animal candle holder features a curious monkey clutching a banana that's perfect for showcasing your favourite candlesticks. This gold candle holder is a quirky addition to any space.

The Gold Monkey Candle Holder is a must-have for anyone who loves animals or those who wants to bring a fun jungle pop to their home. Exhibit this gold candlestick holder along your countertops, dining tables, windowsills, or mantlepiece to illuminate your interior with some fabulous mood lighting.

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This product has a height of 14.8cm, width of 12.6cm and a depth of 9.6cm.