Green Glass Vase

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Beautifully ornamental, the Green Glass Vase is the perfect centrepiece on any table, this green vase can be filled with your favourite blooms to add a splash of colour to your space. Alternatively, left unfilled this vase will be admired as a standalone decorative ornament.

Wherever you choose to display this flower vase it's a magnificent way to exhibit your favourite fresh or faux flowers, on your tables, shelving, sideboard, windowsills or work surface it instantly adds a touch of individualism to the space. 

Combining style, texture and colour the Green Glass Vase will compliment just about any interior scheme. This wonderful glass vase would also make a great gift for friends, family or anyone who loves to decorate their home with unique pieces.

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This product has a height of 29.5cm, width of 13cm and a depth of 13cm.