Lips Bookends

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A unique feature that instantly adds a playful edge to your interior space, the Lips Bookends are a must-have accessory to transform the look of any table, shelf or desk whilst injecting character and fun personality into your existing decor.

Create a quirky style spot in your home with the Lips Bookends propping together a cluster of books in effortless style. Perfect for book lovers who also appreciate daring design these decorative ornaments will ensure an eye catching style spot.

Both practical and beautiful, this stylish pair of bookends easily mingle with any interior adding texture and personality. Doubling up as ornamental sculpture, these quirky Lips Bookends will create a stylish edge in any corner of your home.

This products delivery time is approximately 3-7 days.

This product has a height of 14cm, width of 29cm and a depth of 11cm.