Lipstick Art

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The Lipstick Art is a delightful female portrait, it will instantly bring an unforgettable look to your home whilst creating a serene feeling. 

This eye-catching framed or unframed wall art will inject colour, character and personality into any space. The Lipstick Art is perfect to display individually or to create a gallery wall with in your living areas, hallways, bedroom, office or dining space. Whatever you decide this art is a fabulous addition to your home. 

This products delivery time is approximately 7-10 days.

The medium print is 50cm x 70cm. The large print is 70cm x 100cm. The MDF frames for our medium size prints are available in a white or black matte finish, with a moulding width of 30mm. They have a perfectly clear shatter-proof styrene front, rather than glass for safety reasons. This product is non-refundable as we do not hold stock and they are printed to order.