Regal Dog Cushion

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Hilariously cute and adorable the Regal Dog Cushion showcasing a refined well dressed dog, he will add theatrics and fun to just about any room in the home. It's plush velvety texture will add comfort and warmth to your decor whilst ensuring your space will stand out from the rest.

Beautifully crafted, this eccentric dog cushion will soften the look of your interiors and give them a humorous pop. This velvet cushion will instantly give your room an eye-catching focal point.

The quirky Regal Pug Cushion injects a unique charm amongst your existing interiors making it a welcome addition to your abode. He is perfect for refreshing your favourite seating or bed with some laid-back and playful personality.

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This product is 45cm x 45cm, with a depth of 6cm.