Squirrel Plant Pot Hangers (Set of 3)

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This adorable set of three Squirrel Plant Pot Hangers make the perfect addition to any plant pot or planter in your home. The fun design of these decorative accessories makes for distinctive ornaments and a quirky addition to your living space.

These cute squirrel ornaments are the perfect embellishment to any flower pot, with a humorous design these hanging squirrels add a sprinkling of nature to your interiors.

Simply place these plant pot decorations on the edge of any pot or planter for an amusing twist. These flower pot hangers can be displayed singularly, in a pair or cluster as the mood takes you. Simply place these Squirrel Plant Pot Hangers in pride of place for an eye catching and unique addition to your space. 

This product has a delivery time of approximately 1-5 days.

One squirrel has a height of 12cm, width of 6cm and a depth of 9.5cm. Another squirrel has a height of 9cm, width of 7cm and a depth of 9cm. The final squirrel has a height of 8cm, width of 12cm and a depth of 7cm. These hangers are sold as a set of 3, which includes one of each squirrel.